GOYA & Field Trips



GOYA and Field Trips



Where: We meet at a local Coffee shop for a drink and a bite - if you like!   What: A challenge is set and announced on the day. Only those that attend can enter.

When: 9.30 to 11.30 a.m. You must be at the coffee shop by 10.30 a.m. at the latest - no show - no entry!

Every club member is welcome. 


TBA [Saturday]

At 'The Raft' 65 Chapel Street, 9.30 to 11.30am.



Not all of us can make GOYA, despite the pleasing enticement of spending a morning with friends from club, and the added bonus of good coffee!

GOYA Plus takes place every alternate month to our regular GOYA.

A challenge will be issued, via an email notice sent out by our secretary, and featured on the club Facebook page.

There is a twist; a riddle, which first you must solve. The challenge is then to go out (or stay in) and capture the image!

Annette Johnston will serve as the moderator, and your entries can be emailed to her at aj@heddfan.co.nz with the same digital sizing as for regular club evaluation (1920px by 1200px at 72dpi).

The images will be shown at the next available club night, for members to enjoy and perhaps marvel over.

If you miss the images on the night, don't worry, the video will be uploaded to this site afterwards.


Field Trips... Get out for a walk and talk.

Designed for all members but an opportunity for newer members to meet fellow club members and take photos in the field. Bring your camera and if you wish your camera manual. You can buddy up with a more experienced club member and learn some new skills/techniques.