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21st February 

[Thursday Night]

Mark Smith [Guest Speaker]

Mark is from Rotorua. For the last 17 years he has been self employed. He has worked in the IT industry managing networks and creating websites for customers around New Zealand.

In his younger days he was a keen golfer and was lucky enough to represent New Zealand at senior level and later as a turning professional.

The skills he learnt from IT and golf have been a great help in learning the art of photography. IT has helped him take advantage of the many different programs available for editing and managing photos while the discipline of golf has taught him to keep striving for improvement.

Mark covers a wide range of photography and seeks to find an alternative view from the norm.

7th March

[Thursday Night]

Ian Saunders [EC Member]

Ian began his photographic journey as a boy. As a busy career beckoned, photography took something of a back seat for some 30 years. Happily, Ian joined TPS a couple of years ago and has been working hard on his landscapes and macro images. This evening he will discuss his work and show some of his successful images.

21st March

[Thursday Night]

Marie Bilodeau [LPSNZ] and Jeanette Nee [ARPS]

Marie and Jeanette are two long standing members of the TPS Community. Many of you will remember some of their amazing and award winning images and this will be your opportunity to discover some of the secrets of Bird Photography.

Marie and Jeanette will explain their approach to the subject and the gear they use. This promises to be an informative evening which is guaranteed to whet your appetite.

White Fronted Turn feeding Chick© by Marie Bilodeau

White Fronted Turn feeding Chick©

by Marie Bilodeau

Hawk v Wasps© by Jeanette Nee

4th April

[Thursday Night]

Deleting People

Annemarie Clinton and Karl Tretheway [Both EC Members]

Annemarie and Karl will introduce you to the subject of 'Deleting People'. This is not about ‘Mafia’ techniques, but rather more about avoiding people when taking images in busy places. For example, a street or city location where the architecture is the objectivity of the photograph and people become an unnecessary distraction. Lets 'delete’ them from the start. This is a camera technique, not a post production process.

18th April

[Thursday Night]

Nathan Pettigrew  [Guest Speaker]

Having a Whale of a Time!

Nathan Pettigrew is a Tauranga inhabitant. Whilst he has a full time occupation, he devotes a considerable amount of his available time on conservation issues right here in the Tauranga harbour. Nathan is a Kayaker and he frequently canoes the harbour and the greater Bay of Plenty Waterways. He has obtained a special licence from DOC which enables him to observe whales and other sea creatures at a very close distance. His Facebook page contains information about his regular exploits and encounters.

He has canoed from Auckland to Tauranga but it will surprise you to know that Nathan is in fact a non-swimmer. You will therefore appreciate that he takes all necessary safety precautions relative to his own survival as well as the mammals and fish he seeks to record and protect.

I feel this presentation may well be one of the memorable highlights of 2019 for many of our members.



2nd May

[Thursday Night]

Greg Wilson  [Guest Speaker]

Greg is a recent import to Tauranga and has been on his photographic journey for four decades. He is a photographer, educator, mentor and gallery owner. Gregs photography has won him many awards nationally and internationally, culminating in being selected as a finalist in the Hasselblad Masters Awards.

His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout New Zealand, as well as in London, Hong Kong, New York and Sweden. Gregs newest landscape series is soon-to-be exhibited in New York.

16th May

[Thursday Night]

John Hayes [LPSNZ]

"Through the viewfinder"

John has been a member of the club since 2008, he will tell the story behind a few of his successful images with a view to helping us in our development as photographers.

Among the things covered will be recognising the photographic moment (the key element in Man Alone), seeing the light, and the importance of the background.

2nd Speaker to be Confirmed

There will be a second speaker to share the platform with John this evening. Details to be confirmed.

6th June

[Thursday Night]

Annemarie Clinton [EC Member]

Annemarie will provide an evening of tips and advice on both High Key and Low Key Images. Annemarie will also show a number of images from her portfolio.

NOTE: Annemarie is away at time of publication, these images are from the internet.

20th June

[Thursday Night]

Details to be confirmed.

While every attempt is made to confirm programmes/events as soon as possible, there are times where situations occur that mean the programme will have to be altered at the last minute. When these situations arise, every attempt will be made to notify members of the changes as soon as possible.