The World of Nature In-Depth

The World of Nature In-depth

The World of Nature:
An AV entered into this category will be about a natural phenomena, event, issue or feature. Human elements may be included as long as they relate strictly to the theme of the AV and play a supporting role. The nature story must be the main focus of the AV and it is at the judges’ discretion whether there is too much emphasis on the human element.
This category is different from Nature/wildlife in still images because it needs to be able to tell a story therefore the requirements are more flexible. The nature story must be the main focus of the AV, but the inclusion of the human impact/environment/involvement are allowable as long as they an essential part of the nature story. Manipulation of images is also possible as long as the essential nature story is not altered.

Once you start thinking, there are a large number of possible topics.

* Animal, insect, butterfly or plant behaviour over a short period or maybe the whole breeding cycle.
* A natural phenomemun or event e.g. the impact on nature of the bush fires along the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
* A story about a natural feature or place e.g. White Island, a local bush reserve or a natural landscape such as a desert
* An environmental issue such as the impact of possum on the native bush of Northland and what can be done to control the pests.


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