Audio Visual Workshop 2018

Audio Visual Workshop

Audio-Visual Workshop

Saturday 4th August start time 1.30pm

This will be split into three sessions and is open to anyone interested in learning more about the creation of audio-visual sequences.

The workshop will be held at the Arts and Crafts Centre , 177 Elizabeth St West Tauranga. For more information about the location - click here.

Cost: $20.00 per person which includes entry to the Presentation Evening.


The Presentation Evening will follow in the evening after you have had a chance to have some dinner. Showing will be the award winning audio-visuals from the Tauranga AV Salon.

Some of the AV's being shown will be from overseas entrants and therefore not likely to be seen elsewhere in NZ. For more information - click here.


Trish McAuslan

Trish McAuslan


Trish is the co-ordinator for both the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy for the Photographic Society of New Zealand and the Tauranga Photographic Society Audio Visual Salon.

She has been interested in audio-visuals since seeing slide based programmes produced by her uncle about 60 years ago.

Trish has been developing her knowledge of AVs in the digital age and has recently been successful in the Adelaide AV Fest - an international competition for audio-visuals.

She is a PSNZ accredited judge for both audio-visuals and still images and teaches photography classes in Tauranga and online.


Matt Leamy

Matt Leamy


Matt has long been interested in photography and as time has gone on, has become increasingly interested in the discipline of the Audio Visual.

Twice a gold medallist and once a silver medallist in the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy, and a member of the inaugural group of the Tauranga Photographic Society subcommittee that set up and has run the Tauranga Audio Visual Salon since 2011, plus has been a judge in the salon since it began.

He has also been accepted as one of the PSNZ accredited judges for Audio Visual.

Further to this Matt is a partner in a video production company called Blue Chilli Productions . His vision is to help realise the potential of the category, to be involved in raising the interest and to help build the skill levels within the art of the Audio Visual.



Session 1


Getting Started
One of the things many people say they struggle with is how to get started and what to do once they have decided on a topic for their AV.

The tutors will suggest some possible topics, with plans on how to get started.

People attending the workshop will be given the opportunity to send in their questions on how to create an AV before the workshop giving the tutors time to prepare to answer.

(NB The tutors will not answer questions related to specific applications).

Afternoon Tea


Session 2


Workflow specifically related to audio-visuals.
This will be a practical workshop.

People who can, will be asked to bring a laptop with a photo editing programme that will work with layers on it.

People who are not able to bring a laptop will be able to work with someone who has a laptop or observe what is happening.

Session 3


Working with Sound
The audio in audio-visual is as important as the visuals (photos).

This will be a demonstration on working with sound including a practical exercise using Audacity.

Details will be sent the those who register for the workshops.

Registration Fee:

$20.00 Per Person

This includes all three workshop sessions, afternoon tea and free entry to the Presentation Evening.

To register for the Workshop - click here

Note: The afternoon session will finish in time for people to get an evening meal before the Presentation Programme starts.

If you have any questions about the workshop, contact us at