Practical Nights & Workshops

Practical Nights and Workshops

Practical Nights and Workshops

Practical Nights and Workshops 2017

Practical Nights and Workshops

While every attempt is made to confirm practical nights/workshops as soon as possible, there are times where situations occur that mean the programme will have to be altered at the last minute. When these situations arise, every attempt will be made to notify members of the changes as soon as possible.


19th August


Practical Workshop: Using a flash either off your camera or on camera. Run by Matt Leamy. This does not include the little flash that is included with most cameras but it is about using a speedlight or other flash unit. There will be a limit on numbers. Registration will open a month before the workshop.


Time: 9.30am - 4.00 pm Morning and afternoon tea provided

Cost: $15.00 - Pay Trish McAuslan in cash please so that any costs can be reimbursed and any surplus paid into the club accounts

Registration: Let Trish know that you would like your name added to the list.  Email - Click here

To Bring:

* Camera with a mountable flash (i.e. not a small pop up one)
* Camera manual and flash manual if you have one. (see note)
* Empty memory card
* Full batteries
* Lunch

* Off camera triggers
* Any light modifiers e.g. diffusers for the flash
* Large reflector

Sometimes the manual which came with your camera is a 'quick start’ manual or maybe you have lost it.
The full manual maybe available for download from the internet.
Rather than printing it out, consider downloading it to a device such as your phone or iPad (tablet) or laptop.
If it is a pdf it is often quicker to search for information than searching through a printed copy.

31st August

[Thursday Night]

Practical Night: Practical Activities - This evening we will have several photographic opportunities set up for you to try. Please bring your camera gear with a fully charged battery and space on a memory card.