For those of you interested in all aspects of photography, including photographic societies, meetings and exhibitions, this is the site for you. Photography clubs and events play an essential part in a photographer’s life. They are just a couple of the many things explored on this website. Our team of professionals is happy to impart their knowledge to enhance your career.

Photography Exhibitions and Events

If you are planning to host your own exhibition, you are in the right place. Let our experts guide you on the steps to take to ensure your event is a success. One of the key questions is whether to collaborate with other photographers, and we have the answer for you. Don’t forget to consider the venue and marketing of the event.

Photography Clubs and Meetings

With our knowledge of all things photography related, we can offer advice on the benefits of joining clubs and attending meetings, and whether you should expect to pay a fee. Perhaps you are looking to meet like-minded individuals to discuss future projects, or maybe just hoping to meet a mentor.

Photography Societies

There are many benefits to photography societies, many of which hold workshops and seminars, where you get to meet the professionals of the industry. Who knows? You may get to meet someone from our team!

Whether you are simply perusing our site for interest or looking for specific answers, we are convinced you will find something of value to read. As always, you are welcome to Tauranga Photo!