Urban Places to Take Great Photos

Nature photography is one of the most popular forms of picture taking. However, it may surprise readers to know that urban environments are also ideal places for camera enthusiasts. Each city has its own unique character. This is thanks largely to the architecture. Here are some of the best urban places to take photographs.


Few places in the world have as many places of historical significance as London. There are buildings, landmarks, parks and art works which range from ancient times to the modern era. There should therefore be something

for any photographer to use as a subject.

Westminster in particular is home to structures that people take pictures of every day. This includes Big Ben, the Parliament Building and Westminster Abbey. Alternatively, photographers could explore lesser known areas.

The great thing about London is it looks completely different during day and night time. This should give photographers plenty of versatility to experiment with natural and artificial light. The numerous parks are great for sunlight, whereas the West End is ideal for night time lighting.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered to be the gambling capital of the world. Photographers can capture the excitement of placing bets on film. However, fans of gambling do not have to visit the city to experience this fun activity. They could instead visit www.alljackpotscasinobonus.com and play online casino games from the comfort of their own homes.


The capital of France has a number of iconic landmarks. Tourists come in their millions every year to see the famous Eiffel Tower. These visitors often take pictures of it. However, the tower has been snapped so many times that it can be difficult to portray it in a new and unique way. To do so requires a photographer with great creative skills. Fans of water photography can take pictures of the River Seine, which flows through the city.