Tips on Planning a Successful Photography Exhibition

There comes a time in your journey as a photographer when you have to transition from doing it for fun to becoming a professional. This might mean considering having a photography exhibition. It might take a good amount of your time, but with the following steps, your planning process should be a bit smoother.

Solo Versus Group Exhibitions

The number one question you need to ask is whether you want to display only your work or you prefer collaborating with other photographers. This will then help you determine if you will sponsor all the photographers or they have to find a way to chip in during the planning process.

Is the Space Right?

Space is everything. If the room is too small, it may get crowded during the event such that some potential clients may have to leave. Space is also determined by what other activities you want to have during the exhibition.

Early Bookings

Once you know what space you should go with, make sure you make an early booking of the area and any other vendors you will need. This will make sure that everything is in place on the day of the exhibition.

What’s Your Ideal Exhibition Design?

Next, think about the design that matches your goals. Themes might help make this easier. Since the photos are already full of details and colour, your walls should be plain or have a dull complexion. Grey works best for exhibition walls.

Get the Invites Out

Finally, start getting the word out. Make sure you include the entry fee, any promotions, and other terms and conditions on the invite poster. The earlier you advertise the exhibition, the more likely more people will show up.

Every exhibition planning will not lack its ups and downs. The secret is to manage your expectations, know how to deal with fall-offs and be proactive.