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Tauranga Audio Visual Salon - General Information

Tauranga Audio Visual Salon - General Information


Run by the Tauranga Photographic Society Inc. of New Zealand

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Tauranga Audio Visual Salon - General Information

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Presentation Evening:

Saturday 1st April 2017 NZT (GMT +12 hours)

12.00 o'clock midnight, Wednesday 7th June 2017 NZT (GMT +12 hours)

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June 2017 NZT (GMT +12 hours)

25th June 2017 NZT (GMT +12 hours)

Saturday 5th August 2017 NZT (GMT +12 hours)


1.  Theme

2.  Documentary

3.  Music Poetry and Song

4.  The World of Nature

Important Notes for 2017

Entry Fees:
NZD $25.00 for the first AV entry and NZD $12.00 for each additional AV entry.

Video, Time-lapse, Animated Graphics etc in AV's:
Video, Time-lapse, Animated Graphics etc is now allowed in all categories with restrictions, refer to Rule 7 for more information explaining why we have changed to the inclusion of video etc in all categories please click - here.

New Category:
The World of Nature. Refer to the Guidelines and Rules for details. For a more in-depth explanation click - here.

Summary of Sequence (maximum 30 words):

We now require a 'Summary of Sequence' to go with your AV. This is a quick summary of up to 30 words about your AV. This will be available to the judges, spoken and/or written, prior to the viewing of your AV, and may be included in the catalogue and/or website.

Entry Restrictions:
The restriction on entering AV’s that have been successful in the Jack sprosen Memorial Trophy competition has been removed. This now allows AV’s which have been successful in past JSMT competitions to be entered into the Tauranga AV Salon.

New Zealand Novice Award:
Restricted to New Zealand residents only. There will be one award selected by the judges from all the entries. It is open to any entrant who has NOT received an acceptance or higher in any national AV Competition i.e. Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy competition or previous Tauranga Audio Visual Salon competition.

Publicity Photo:
All entrants will be asked to upload a photo which is representative of each of the audio-visual’s they enter. Please prepare the image(s) before you start the entry process. Images must be saved in the jpg/jpeg format with a maximum of 1920px on the horizontal and 1200px on the vertical side, resolution set to 72dpi and a maximum file size of 2.5MB (2056kb)

Images will be used for publicity related to the Tauranga AV Salon and in the catalogue. Images which are not used will be destroyed after the competition.

Entry Information

(Read and understand all the rules before completing your entry) - click here

Entry Fees:
NZD $25.00 for the first AV entry and NZD $12.00 for each additional AV entry.

Web Transfer: (Preferred)
We recommend using because files up to 2GB can be uploaded free. For details of how to use wetransfer - click here

Postal Address:
Tauranga AV Salon,   P.O.Box 8281,  Cherrywood,  Tauranga 3145

Payment can be made by:
1. (NZ & Overseas entrants) - PayPal
2. (NZ entrants only) - Direct Credit to the Tauranga Photographic Society, Account 03 1548 0004925 02
Put your Surname in the Particulars box and your First Name in the Reference Box
(This information will also be sent to you via confirmation email upon submitting entry)
3. (NZ entrants only) - Cheque made out to the Tauranga Photographic Society

Receipt of AV’s:
Your AV’s will be downloaded and tested and your entry form checked. You will be notified via email that your entry has been received, checked and accepted.
Please contact us if you do not hear within a reasonable time. Click here -

Feedback will be offered to authors of unsuccessful entries. This may be written by the judges, or by experienced AV workers.


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