Audio Visual Workshop

Audio-Visual Workshop

So your thinking of attending our AV Salon Presentation Evening - why not add to the enjoyment and join our Workshop on Saturday afternoon before attending the Presentation Evening.

NOTE: The Presentation Evening will be showing the award winning audio-visuals from the Tauranga AV Salon. It is expected that some of the AV's being shown will be from overseas entrants and therefore not likely to be seen elsewhere in NZ.

Right, back to the workshop. This will be split into three sessions and is open to anyone interested in learning more about the creation of audio-visual sequences.

Proposed Programme

Session 1:

What Makes a Good Audio-visual. (Everyone)

Session 2:

A: Getting Started with an Audio-visual ( Beginners)
B: Taking and adding video to an AV (Experienced AV workers)

Session 3:

Adding a spoken narration to an AV (Everyone)

The afternoon session will finish in time for people to get an evening meal before the Presentation Programme starts.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, contact us at

We will send you the full information and the opportunity to register for the workshop after the Tauranga AV Salon has been judged in late June. The full workshop information will also be available on our website at that time.