Role of Photography in Other Art Forms

Artists are often inspired by the work of others. It is common for creative people to see a striking photograph and use it to influence their art. This can be seen across a wide range of art forms.


Painters will often use a photograph of their subject so that they can refer back to it. This is especially true when their subject is an animal or child. These artists may also copy certain elements of a picture to make their paintings more photo-realistic. For instance, they could study the structures of light, shadow, water and the sky.

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Online casino games are created by talented artists. They illustrate and animate characters, backgrounds and objects within the game. One great example is the Mummys gold casino app which features eye catching visuals. These people are very talented artists who can get their inspiration from other works including photographic images.


Film is one of the most lucrative art forms in the world. It has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Photography is linked to film in numerous ways. For one thing, a motion picture is composed of many photos (called frames) placed together in sequence. This creates an illusion of movement.

Photographs will often be released of new film releases in order to generate hype for them. They are a key way to market upcoming movies. During the production process photos are taken of the costumes, props, sets and makeup in order to prevent continuity errors.


Inspiration for a new song can come from practically anywhere. It is surprising how often photographs are the catalyst for the creation of a new track. There are references to photography in a wide range of pop songs. This is likely because of the fact that photography is such a big part of modern culture.