JK Left The Room!
JK Left The Room! Set Subject : JK Left The Room! Format : Digital Guidelines : Why did he leave the room? What happened next? What’s going on? It is up to you - use your imagination and create an interesting sequel to this event or story around this event. Set Subject […]

November 2016 Evaluation – Digital – JK Left The Room!

Slow Shutter
Slow Shutter Set Subject : Slow Shutter Format : Digital Guidelines : This is a photograph taken with a shutterspeed longer than about 1/15th of a second. Try to capture a photo that shows part of the image in a different way from the way we normally see it. For […]

October 2016 Evaluation – Digital – Slow Shutter

Monochrome Set Subject : Monochrome Format : Prints Guidelines : A monochrome image has shades of one colour. It often is shades of grey from black through to white but it could be shades of any colour such as blue or gold from dark tones to light tones. Unless you […]

October 2016 Evaluation – Prints – Monochrome

Rain Set Subject : Rain Format : Digital Guidelines : This photo can be taken while the rain is falling or immediately after the rain when the effect of the rain is still clearly seen in the environment. Set Subject Images Open  

September 2016 Evaluation – Digital – Rain

Contre Jour
Contre Jour Set Subject : Contre Jour Format : Prints Guidelines : This is the technique of taking photographs with the camera pointing towards the light source. Often it will produce interesting silhouettes, especially if the subject has a distinctive shape. Contrast is often extreme. There may also be some […]

September 2016 Evaluation – Prints – Contre Jour

Sport Photography
Sport Photography Set Subject : Sport Photography Format : Digital Guidelines : Sport ranges from high speed car racing, to the extreme sports, to something very static like a chess game. To get shots that are going to be more than just another photo, you need to be able to catch […]

August 2016 Evaluation – Digital – Sport Photography

2016 Club Championship Digital Images All the 2016 Club Championship Digital Images from the Tauranga Photographic Society 2016 Club Championship. Congratulations to all of this years winners. Digital Entry Images

2016 Club Championship Digital Images