How to Meet other Photographers

Photography is often viewed as a solitary hobby but good photographers also acknowledge that becoming a better photographer takes practice and advice to improve. The best way of getting help is to join other photographers in a social setting to discuss photography techniques and much more.

Informal Places to Meet Photographers

Informal groups and meetups can be found all over the world on the internet and happen at a venue like a garden, outdoor area or meet at a building and walk to photographic sites. The concept is simple. There is usually a website to visit and to indicate that you will be attending a meetup.

More Formal Places to Meet Photographers

There are a number of more formal ways to meet other photographers and this is often the preferred choice for people seeking more regularity in the activities of the clubs. People are often more consistent attendees at a formal photography meeting. So what types of formal groups exist for photographers?

Photographic societies

This is probably the most formal of photography groups and unlike a club has publications, collections and archives. Societies also have more formal education and distinctions given to members. Members also can be given more formal awards and medals for the photographs they have taken.


Clubs offer people regular events and activities for photographers such as competitions, workshops and may feature guest speakers. Clubs may be formal with a president and other positions. They include regular meetings and usually have a membership fee.

Meetings, Events and Exhibiions

Informal meetups of photographers can be found all over the internet and events for photography are held by clubs, societies and by government bodies. Exhibitions are held regularly by amateurs looking to increase their reputation or professionals looking to show their work and network.

There are some incredible choices for people looking to learn photography and to become better photographers.