How Inspiration Strikes

Inspiration is an integral part of the creative process. Artists will be inspired to start a new project. There are numerous ways that inspiration can strike.

Looking at Other Artists Work

All photographers will be inspired by the work of others, whether they realise it or not. It is important not to copy or plagiarise other artists directly. Instead, the photographer should use art as a basis to create something entirely new. It may even be worth looking at poorly constructed photographs and get inspired to take much better ones.

Going For a Walk

If creativity is still proving to be elusive, the photographer could simply go out and clear their head. A walk will give them a chance to relax and hopefully come up with new ideas. They could also look around their environment for subjects to take pictures of. This could include wildlife and architecture.

Playing Games

Sometimes thinking too hard about getting inspired will create the opposite effect. During these times, it is better to engage in recreational activities instead. For instance, the photographer could play Ruby Furtune Play Ruby Fortune, a fun online casino game. Doing so is not only exciting but also potentially lucrative.

Taking an Art Course

Learning about important photographic techniques is essential for creating professional still images. People can learn about these by taking an art course. Photography is a relatively new art form but is linked in numerous ways to painting. It is, therefore, a good idea to understand how photo-realistic paintings are constructed.


Many different artists cite meditation as an important source of inspiration. An excellent example of this is the filmmaker David Lynch, who uses it to come up with story ideas. Meditation is not for everyone, but it will likely work for many people working in the field of photography.