Abstract_Impressionism Set Subject : Abstract_Impressionism Format : Prints Guidelines : An abstract photograph seeks to communicate the intangible by means of shape, form, colour, pattern, curves and texture, and does not have an immediate association with the object world. The viewer is often unable to see the whole object (which may […]

November 2017 Evaluation – Prints – Abstract_Impressionism

Multiple Exposure
Multiple Exposure Set Subject : Multiple Exposure Format : Digital Guidelines : Multiple exposure super-imposes two or more different images to create a single image. The exposure values may or may not be identical. Most commonly this is done as a double exposure. This action can be performed in some cameras […]

October 2017 Evaluation – Digital – Multiple Exposure

A Panel of Four Images
A Panel of Four Images Set Subject : A Panel of Four Images Format : Prints Guidelines : A panel of four images that look good together. They are to be mounted on one board so that the resulting image is no bigger than the maximum size of the allowed backing […]

October 2017 Evaluation – Prints – A Panel of Four ...

Photojournalism/Social Commentary
Photojournalism/Social Commentary Set Subject : Photojournalism/Social Commentary Format : Prints Guidelines : Photojournalism is defined as story telling images such as seen in the news of periodicals. Social commentary images are story telling images are about some aspect of people in society. Images may be cropped and the exposure corrected. Other […]

September 2017 Evaluation – Prints – Photojournalism/Social Commentary

Panorama Set Subject : Panorama Format : Digital Guidelines : These images should show an extra wide view of a scene and the resulting image should be at least twice as wide as it is high. Set Subject Images Open

August 2017 Evaluation – Digital – Panorama

It's a Small World
It's a Small World Set Subject : It's a Small World Format : Digital Guidelines : "It's a Small World" might suggest macro photography, but you could also take or create photos of small worlds, planets, toys, doll's houses ... the possibilities are endless! Set Subject Images Open

July 2017 Evaluation – Digital – It’s A Small World

Composite-Photo Montage
Composite-Photo Montage Set Subject : Composite-Photo Montage Format : Prints Guidelines : Create one new image by combining parts of two or more images. The images must originate as photographs that you have taken with your camera. You can use a programme like Photoshop to create your new image. Set Subject […]

July 2017 Evaluation – Prints – Composite-Photo Montage

Patterns in Nature
Patterns in Nature Set Subject : Patterns in Nature Format : Digital Guidelines : The patterns could show symmetry or be composed of repeating elements. The natural world offers an endless range of possible patterns to find and make the most of. Simple rock formations, waves, spirals, lines of trees or […]

June 2017 Evaluation – Digital – Patterns in Nature