It's a Small World
It's a Small World Set Subject : It's a Small World Format : Digital Guidelines : "It's a Small World" might suggest macro photography, but you could also take or create photos of small worlds, planets, toys, doll's houses ... the possibilities are endless! Set Subject Images Open

July 2017 Evaluation – Digital – It’s A Small World

Composite-Photo Montage
Composite-Photo Montage Set Subject : Composite-Photo Montage Format : Prints Guidelines : Create one new image by combining parts of two or more images. The images must originate as photographs that you have taken with your camera. You can use a programme like Photoshop to create your new image. Set Subject […]

July 2017 Evaluation – Prints – Composite-Photo Montage

Patterns in Nature
Patterns in Nature Set Subject : Patterns in Nature Format : Digital Guidelines : The patterns could show symmetry or be composed of repeating elements. The natural world offers an endless range of possible patterns to find and make the most of. Simple rock formations, waves, spirals, lines of trees or […]

June 2017 Evaluation – Digital – Patterns in Nature

High Key
High Key Set Subject : High Key Format : Prints Guidelines : High Key images concentrate on lighter tones by using a subject that is either white or mainly pale tones. Use a flat overall lighting to avoid harsh shadows. Most high key pictures contain small areas of darker tones such […]

June 2017 Evaluation – Prints – High Key

Water Set Subject : Water Format : Digital Guidelines : Any photograph where the story is about water, in any of its forms, whether in natural or man-made environments. Water is acceptable in the following forms: Solid:– Ice or Snow Liquid: Water Gas: Fog, Mist, Steam Set Subject Images Open 

May 2017 Evaluation – Digital – Water

Scapes Set Subject : Scapes Format : Prints Guidelines : This covers a wide range of photographs about the space where we live and play such as landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, and nightscapes and aerial views. These photos may be taken anywhere in the world. Set Subject Images Open

May 2017 Evaluation – Prints – Scapes

People and Pets
People and Pets Set Subject : People and Pets Format : Digital Guidelines : This could be people playing with their pets or posing with their pets or just snoozing in front of the fire together. The photo should show a relationship between the person and the pet. Set Subject Images Open

April 2017 Evaluation – Digital – People and Pets

Nature Set Subject : Nature Format : Prints Guidelines : These are photographs of natural subjects such as insects, butterflies and moths, birds, animals or plants taken in their natural habitat. It does not include hybrid or cultivated plants, domestic or farmed animals. Other subjects which are acceptable include geological formations such […]

April 2017 Evaluation – Prints – Nature